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In this lesson we'll explore how to add a b7 note to a I-chord in order to lead up to the IV-chord. We'll apply this to all the basic country chords.

To make any basic chord a dominant 7 chord, you have to count your way up to the 7th scale degree. That is your “major 7” with the pretty and bittersweet sound. If you lower that a half step you have your “flat 7” or your dominant 7, which has that familiar bluesy sound.

For G, it works really well to add the b7 in the 1st fret of the high E-string (played with your 1st finger). On top of the bluesy sound the dominant 7 chords also create a strong tension that wants to be resolved. The tension leads to the IV-chord, in this case C.

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More Advanced Country Chords