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We have three pre-chorus, type sections in the song. Each happen before each chorus, played just a little bit differently with different guitar parts to reflect that. First we're gonna learn what Guitar #1 plays during all of these short sections.

First one happens before the first second, second before the second chorus, and the last one before our broken down chorus. For the first pre-chorus, we will play an Emi7 chord and let it ring for one bar. After that, you will play a G octave on E and D and crescendo into our chorus.

For the second pre-chorus, it's simply a one bar build of G leading into the second chorus. You will play the same octave as before.

For the third pre-chorus, it actually happens after the second chorus and the interlude melody. The song breaks down, and first you play the same open Emin7 chord followed by G. G will ring for a bar of 4/4, followed by a bar of 2/4.

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Tattoos on this Town