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Guitar #2 plays the same rhythm as Guitar #1, only instead of playing octaves plays open chords utilizing our Dropped D tuning. This is the case for the first two choruses, but for the third we will actually kick on the same envelope filter effect that we used for Guitar #1, followed by some bigger chords once the rest of the band enters. Remember the first and second choruses are played the same way.

Guitar #2 keeps the rhythm nice and steady for the choruses of our song, strumming all eighth notes like Guitar #1 but with chords. We will switch between open D5, to G5 with plenty of energy.

Over B min, you will play a B min barre chord with the root on the A string and then to end the first chorus; you will move to G and let it ring for a bar.

The second chorus ends by simply continuing to play through the last bar into our interlude melody with G5.

For the last chorus, Guitar #2 will kick on the envelope filter effect and let D5 and G5 ring for a bar each twice through. Make sure you slide into the G5 chord.

Once the band is in, then you go back to the same rhythm as before; moving between B minor and G with our added two bars keeping the rhythm nice and energetic.

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Tattoos on this Town