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Tattoos on this Town

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After our second and third choruses, we switch up the guitar part slightly and play a very strong melody utilizing our open chords. Both Guitar #1 and #2 are playing this part to really reinforce the melody.
Using both guitars, we start this part by letting open D ring for the first two beats. Then on the & of 2, you will come in with the same melody that you played during second verse only this time over D.

The melody resolves to G, which does a great job of getting us into the next chord. From there you let G ring nice and loud until beat 4, at which point you strum the chord again to repeat the melody.

This section happens at two different points in the song; after the second chorus, and after the broken down third chorus. With Guitar #2, remember you are in Dropped D so you may have to skip out on the high G note with the new chord shape.

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Tattoos on this Town