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Suspicious Minds

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to play "Suspicious Minds" as made famous by Elvis Presley.

This classic track features an uptempo feel that changes halfway through, and then comes back up for a huge outro that fades out the track. At the center of the song, guiding the whole track, is a telecaster electric guitar using a variety of cool techniques with a simple clean tone. These include some hybrid picking, some steady rhythm playing during the choruses, and strong, rhythm guitar playing on the back beat in 6/8 time along with arpeggios during the bridge.
I am going to break down how to get the tones for this song, how to play every guitar part you hear in the recording, and explain how you can play the song solo if you don't have a band to accompany you.

"Suspicious Minds" is in the key of G major with some occasional chords that aren't in the key. We will be playing in 4/4 time at 116 BPM for most of the track, and will switch to 6/8 time at 72 BPM for our bridge.

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Suspicious Minds