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Foolish Games

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Hi all, this is Caren with Guitar Tricks and today we're going to learn "Foolish Games" as made famous by the Jewel in the year 1996. The singer's emotionally charged vocal performance gets top priority in this song, and is accompanied by piano only, using an arpeggiated pattern that rises and falls melodically throughout the piece.

One of the fun things we will do today is consider how to arrange a song that is originally written on another instrument for guitar. We want a part that is both rhythmic AND harmonic, and most importantly, a part that matches the pacing of the vocal. Subtle dynamic skills are important here; bar by bar and phrase by phrase. This song breathes a lot, it takes skill to execute the rise and fall of both the tempo and the intensity of tone.

The song is written in the key of D minor, and I've used my capo on the fifth fret and I'm playing out of A minor. I'll talk more about WHY I decided to use my capo in the next lesson.

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Foolish Games