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The basic chords for the intro are Am, F, C, and G, played twice. In the left hand each chord will have a couple of variations in the fingering to accommodate the melody we are trying to accomplish up top. Try to keep your finger movement small; I like to say "keep your fingers over the fingerboard".

We'll use a 16th note Travis style picking pattern in the right hand. Each chord will have a specific, repeated bass rotation for the thumb, combined with a more irregular pattern for the fingers, again, to accommodate the melodic content.

No matter which chord you're on, the basic 16th note pattern will always be bass, treble, bass, treble, etc. Each bar ends on a bass note held for an 1/8 which helps to punctuate the pattern from one chord to another.

We'd like this intro to sound legato, connected. As you get up to speed on this section of the song, you'll want to organize your left hand so that as you move your fingers around within each chord you get a smooth, even melody. staying on your string/note as long as possible before the next note takes over will help you accomplish this

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