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I'm playing my vintage 00 Martin guitar today, but you are welcome to use whatever guitar you are currently playing. This song would translate nicely to a classical guitar just as well as a steel stringed one. For you electric folks, I'd basically use a clean tone, but you might have fun adding a little chorus or delay to enhance the "mood".

An important piece of gear I'm using here is a capo. One of the challenges of adapting this song to the guitar is to find a key that made the rise and fall of the melody easy and sensible. The song is in the key of D minor, but I've used my capo on the fifth fret and I'm playing out of A minor. By using these chords, the notes I need for my guitar melody are "under my fingers". I'm looking for a guitar part I can execute fairly easily, particularly on a song that has a very expressive vocal like "Foolish Games". To play along with me today, you'll need your capo on the 5th fret, but you are welcome to move it up or down to fit your own vocal range when you are playing on your own.

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