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Pachelbel Canon In D Baroque & Roll

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The eighth and ninth variations are all about sweep picking arpeggios!

We will strictly follow the chord progression and outline each chord as a"broken chord". This means to play the chord one note at a time, rhythmically separated, instead of all together. If you aren't familiar with this technique, then you might want to review some of my other lessons on the topic of sweep picking in order to start at the beginning.

Sweep Picking Series 1: The Basics

Sweep Picking Series 2: Expanding The Sweep

Sweep Picking Series 3: Basic Applications

Sweep Picking Series 4: More Basic Applications

Sweep Picking Series 5: Advanced Applications

Sweep Picking Series 6: More Advanced Applications

All these sweep picking arpeggios are a way to build dramatic tension and excitement. The arrangement is coming to a close, so we pull out all the stops and tricks of rock style guitar!

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Pachelbel Canon In D Baroque & Roll