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Pachelbel Canon In D Baroque & Roll

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In this lesson we'll learn the intro to our rock style arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon In D.

I wanted to simulate the quiet, simple intro of the original piece. In order to do this we'll start by playing the single note melody with volume swells. It can be helpful to simply learn the notes first, then learn the volume swell technique, if you aren't familiar with it.

Each note of the melody closely follows the chord progression. Each note is a chord tone of the chord that is happening at that point in time in the melody!

We start to repeat the eight melody notes, but for variety we change the last part of the repetition. At the end of this complete statement of the melody, I play a sweep picking arpeggio to build dramatic tension. You don't have to do this. You can simply play the high A note as I demonstrate in the video.

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Pachelbel Canon In D Baroque & Roll