Guitar Tricks 75: Diminished 2 Hand Tap

By popular demand: the intro lick to GT 74, as played by Ben Lindholm. Tune on in as we show you how to play a very cool diminished two hand tapping lick that will open the eyes and ears of your listeners. It's an easy pattern to remember and if you do tapping already, you'll be playing it in no time!

The tip of the week is a brief discussion on the pros and cons of using a vibrato bar.

If you like this lesson, then GT has more on how to use two hand tapping technique.

Tapping 1

Tapping 2

Tapping 3

Tapping 4

Pentatonic Power Tapping

Van Halen Artist Study

Neal Walter
Instructor Neal Walter
Guitar Tricks 75: Diminished 2 Hand Tap song notation