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Message In A Bottle

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In this song tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to play the classic song "Message In A Bottle" as made famous by The Police. The Police were among the first rock bands to start using reggae grooves in a rock context, and Andy Summers' very unique guitar playing played a huge part in the sound of this band.

Most of the reggae feel in this song actually comes from the bass and the drums, and Summers pulls a bit in a different directions that are both rockin' and jazzy at the same time. All together these factors made the very unique sound of The Police.

This song is a perfect example of his style of playing, and we're gonna break down every note from the "power 9 chords" in the main riff, to the harmony, the rockin' choruses, the use of effects, the bluesy lead playing, and more!

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Message In A Bottle