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Metal for Beginners I

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Power chords are the fundamental building blocks in all kinds of rock music - from punk rock to pop rock to the heaviest of death metal.

They consist of a root note and the fifth of that root note. In notation they are usually written with a 5 after the name of that root note - an E power chord is written E5.

If you think fretting and moving around the three-string power chords, start with two strings until you feel comfortable playing those.

In metal it is very common to play four-string power chords, with both the root note doubled on top, and the fifth doubled on the string below the root note. Of course, this only works for chords with the root on the A string, unless you have a 7-string guitar.

Below you'll find a list of power chords that you can use as a reference sheet if you need to.

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Instructor Ben Lindholm
Metal for Beginners I