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Crimson and Clover

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In this tutorial we're going to learn to play Crimson & Clover as made famous by Joan Jett in 1981. Originally written by Tommy James in 1961, this rocking version of the song features two and sometimes three channels of inter-playing electric guitars ranging from anthemic power chords to punky up-tempo riffs and melodic arpeggios.

We'll also talk about tone & gear, we'll learn the verse progression which also double as the chorus, the transitional rhythm hits, the double time instrumental section and the closing arpeggios and melodic hook. Finally we'll put it all together and play along with the backing track.

We're playing in the key of C major in 4/4 and at a tempo of about 78 to 90 BPM with a double-time feel in a middle section. Enjoy!

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Instructor Tom Finch
Crimson and Clover