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Practicing Barre Chords

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This is a new step in our Barre Chord Practice. We are going to combine different shaped barre chords in our exercises.

In the video lesson I outline two specific exercises to work on:

  • Changing between an E major shaped barre chord and an E minor shaped barre chord.

  • Changing between an A major shaped barre chord and an A minor shaped barre chord.

    I encourage you to only work on one at a time. Then stop working on that one and try to other one. If you can get the hang of it relatively quickly, that is great. You are ready to move on. If not, then slow down and take your time. If you move to the next lesson before you can navigate these chord changes you will only get frustrated. This is because the next lessons are going to involve changing different shapes in time with a backing track!

    So take your time and get each of these right. It is worth it in the long run.

    Notice that I've separated them into two different exercises based upon their common root string: either the E string or the A string. This can help you because you can use your index finger as a sort of anchor or guide as you slide back and forth between the different chords.

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    Practicing Barre Chords