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Practicing Barre Chords

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Now we have the basic physical motions established and some practice at playing them evenly in time. We are going to play a chord progression in time using three E major shaped barre chords: G major, C major and D major.

Again, prepare to count 1, 2, 3, 4, slowly and evenly. We will play each chord on the downbeat of each measure, the count of 1. We will play each chord twice in a row. The progression will be G major chord twice, C major twice, G major twice, D major twice, then repeat the whole thing.

Again, remember to keep counting! It is very important to the learning process. And it will help you eventually make keeping time and a background rhythmic pulse an automatic process for you. It will eventually become second nature to you.

You can and should practice this progression (this sequence of related chords in this order) as much as you need to in order to become proficient at playing it. This is because in the next lesson you will be expected to play them in time with a backing track of music!

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Practicing Barre Chords