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"Closer" features a ton of cool uses of effects with a variety of different tones. At times there are 3 guitars playing at once, so here is how we're going to break down the different guitars for this video.

Guitar #1: Guitar #1 will be playing throughout the entire song, emulating the bass part that is played with a pitch shifter pedal and an eighth note delay. The tone and effect settings are:

- Clean. Neck position.
- Tube Overdrive at 50% for ending

- 1/8th Note Delay (370ms). Mix at 60%, Repeats at 50%
- Pitch Shifter pedal to play one octave up (on all the time.)
- Vintage Plate Reverb at 30%

Guitar #2: Guitar #2 also plays throughout most of our track, playing a series of arpeggios with some effects. The effects and settings are:

- Slightly Overdriven Tone, Gain at 40%. Bridge Position.

- 1/8th Note Delay (370ms). Mix at 40, Repeats at 30%
- Vintage Plate Reverb set at 10%
- Rotary Effect with the following settings: Rate 60%, Depth 50%, and Effect Level 60%

Guitar #3: We'll use guitar #3 to emulate the sound of a pickup that's being screamed into, as well as for our both of our lead guitar melodies heard throughout the track. The tone and effect settings are:

- Pickup Yells: Overdrive set at 80%. Neck position.
- Lead Guitar Melodies: Overdrive set at 60%. Neck position.

- 1/4 Delay (741ms) for Pickup Yells. Mix at 50% and Repeats at 80%.
- 1/8 Delay (370ms) for Melodies and Arpeggios. Mix at 30% and Repeats at 50%.
- Vintage Plate Reverb at 70% for Both Settings