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Best Online Guitar Lessons


If you're looking for guitar lessons, there are certain standards and aspects you should be aware of.

The options for learning guitar online have expanded.

Teachers come in a variety of players, styles, and approaches.

However, the best online guitar lessons are not just in the hands of the instructor; as a student, it is crucial to do your part.

Here are some pointers for what to look for in the best online guitar lessons.


The curriculum for online guitar lessons will vary depending on your skill level.

But in general, beginner guitar lessons always start with simple posture, hand placement, and guitar tuning.

For those engaging in the best online guitar lessons, tuning is one of the best topics to have help with as it can be confusing for a new player.

If correct tuning isn't established on, the rest of the lesson just won't work. 

Simple and easy songs are the cornerstone of good guitar lessons.

Let's face it, any kind of structured lessons are going to have their dull parts.

Making sure that you have fun along the way is key for staying motivated!

You can learn hundreds of songs in a wide variety of genres with only three chords.

So adding some easy songs to your practice routine early on will be a blast. 

Other essential ideal guitar lesson topics can include: 

Chords and chord progressions! The guitar is all about chords and their sequences so it is important to learn all the major ones. 

Scales, modes and melodies, and most of all how they tie in with the chords and their progressions. 

Basic strumming, most of these will be in 4/4 time and down/up alternating strokes for beginners.

Fingerpicking tips and techniques. Fingerpicking style guitar is one of the most popular ways to play. Having a feel for this style is important in order to be a well-rounded player.

Guitar Soloing. Soloing on the guitar typically utilizes a variety of techniques all put together. Parts of scales, knowing chord tones, then putting that together with strumming rhythms will create killer solos!



Along with these common topics, you will see more advanced strumming, picking, and fretting techniques in the ideal online guitar lesson.

A good instructor will show you the techniques you wish to learn for your genre and style, but also spread out into other methods.

Here are some common techniques you will see in the ideal lesson: 

• Fingerstyle picking vs using a guitar pick, this is a very big difference and both styles should be practiced. 

• The most common strums like downstrokes, alternate down and up and common bass picking patterns such as Travis picking.  

• Fretting chords correctly so there are no muted strings or dead sounds, and eventually making your way up the fretboard with barre chords. 

• More fretting techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, vibrato, and other string manipulations. You don’t always make the sound by picking or plucking, sometimes the fretting hand does the work! 

• Mixing the movements of these picking and fretting hands will be essential too, this can be very hard for some students. The mastery of both these hands is what leads to shredding and awesome solos. 



Teaching strategies can vary from teacher to teacher.

Learning processes can vary from student to student as well.

That's why the best online guitar lessons allow you to go at your own pace.

With online lesson videos, you are able to log-in at any time of day.

You could begin your practice routine when you have some spare time.

You can pause, rewind, or even fast forward through lesson videos so you utilize your time efficiently.

This freedom is fantastic for all players at any skill level.

Since there are 11,000+ lesson videos on Guitar Tricks, it is considered the best online guitar lesson program on the market.

Each lesson is broken down into step-by-step instruction.

So even the most beginner guitarists will be able to follow along.

There are also hundreds of song lessons to choose from.

Every song lesson is in-depth on each section of the song, including not-for-note guitar solos, and even amp/guitar tone settings so you will sound like the real deal!

Here are some other strategies used in the best online guitar lessons:

• Learning by a song is very common. Guitar Tricks even includes 'Made Easy' versions of the most popular songs so even beginners can start playing full songs right away.

• Using songs to learn music theory like scales and modes. Making any kind of tedious practice a bit more fun keeps engagement high.

• An encouraging strategy is to create milestones and goals. When you see attainable goals and work to achieve them, then progress is more fun. Guitar Tricks' Core Learning System is a great example of this strategy.

Remember, the goal isn’t to overwhelm the student but to let them know what the best methods are for continued success.

Once they are on the right learning pathway, there is a better chance for goals to be reached.

The Guitar Tricks program has everything a beginner guitar player will need to succeed.

Stick with it, and soon enough you will be able to play guitar! 



Where is it best to learn guitar online?

The best online guitar lessons can be found on various reputable platforms and websites like this one, offering structured courses, interactive modules, and expert instructors to guide you every step of the way. 

Are online guitar lessons effective?

Yes, the best online guitar lessons are highly effective. They provide flexibility, allowing learners to progress at their own pace, and often come with resources like video tutorials and interactive feedback like Guitar Tricks does.

What is the best guitar lesson package?

The best guitar lesson package will depend on individual needs and goals, but many consider Guitar Tricks as one of the best packages, offering comprehensive, step-by-step instruction, covering everything from basics to advanced techniques.

What is the best way to learn guitar at home?

The best way to learn guitar at home is by enrolling in the best online guitar lessons. These lessons provide structured guidance, interactive tutorials, and feedback, allowing you to progress effectively from the comfort of your home. 

Is it OK to self teach guitar?

It is OK to self-teach guitar, especially with the abundance of resources available online. However, to ensure structured learning and avoid developing bad habits, many opt for the best online guitar lessons to guide their journey. 

Is 30 minutes a day enough to learn guitar?

While 30 minutes a day can be a good start, dedication and consistent practice are key. The best online lessons can help structure this time efficiently to make the most out of each session. 

How long does it realistically take to learn guitar?

Realistically, the time it takes to learn guitar varies for everyone, depending on individual dedication and practice. Using the best online lessons can accelerate the process by providing structured guidance and expert tips. 

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