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Beginner Guitar Songs - Top 5

beginner guitar songsIf you just picked up a new guitar, or want to finally jump in, there's no better way than to learn a few songs. Thankfully, Guitartricks.com has a huge list of beginner guitar songs, or songs "made easy" to help jump start your guitar playing journey. These are five songs we recommend any guitar player just getting started with the instrument. And if you need any help figuring out the chord shapes, you can easily reference our guitar chord chart here.

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20th Century Boy

This song incorporates a number of fun techniques like the use of power chords, a couple of bends, and rhythmic riffs. The chords used in this song are: A5 - A6 - A - B - E 

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Let it Be

The chords used in this aren’t too difficult if you’re a beginner. You can play the entire thing on acoustic or electric guitar and skip the solo if you want as well! Plus, it’s a great song to sing to as well. Chords are as follows: C - G - Am - F

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Sweet Home Alabama

It’s a classic! What else can we say? Here are the chords: D5 - Cadd9 - G

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Wooly Bully

This three chord song from Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs is fun and easy for any new guitar player to quickly pick up. It's got a melodic chorus and the strumming pattern can be applied to a number of other songs, too. The chords are: G - C - D

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"Imagine" is arguably John Lennon's most famous song outside of his work with the Beatles. It's a simple piano tune that can easily be played on guitar. The song can be played with these chords: C - Cmaj7 - F - Am - Dm

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