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5 Guitar Apps for Android You Should Download Right Now

If you just bought a new guitar or maybe you’ve been playing the same one for years, it’s always important to have a handful of tools to make playing and maintenance easy. Did you know there are tons of great apps for your guitar? There are so many apps out there that could improve your guitar experience. Here are just a handful of great, useful apps for your Android smartphone. 

Remember, if you can always find useful tools like a metronome, and reference tuner if you're a Full Access member, right here in the toolbox


If you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, learning how to play guitar with Guitartricks is the fast, fun and easy way to learning guitar. There are literally over 1,000 officially licensed song lessons and thousands of other lessons that will teach you how to tap, bend, play the blues, and more. 

You get access to stellar artist studies that show you how to play licks and riffs like Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and more. Our instructors are even available to answer your questions on the forums. If you have Full Access, you can even take the lessons with you on the go with the mobile app. 


Cifra Club Tuner 

Tuners are possibly the most useful app any guitar player can have on their smartphone. There are a ton of great tuning apps out there so it’s not easy to choose one. Cifra Club Tuner is a solid choice because it’s extremely simple to use. 

The only notable feature of this app is that it has a noise filter, which helps isolate the guitar’s sound. This is especially helpful if there are other sounds in the background when you’re trying to tune up. 


Guitar Pro  

This app let’s anybody create their very own tablature. It’s easy to use and it even allows you to view and play along with the tabs you’ve created as well. 

The tabs can be created with all of the appropriate symbols and notation, plus it works with mySongBook sheet music. It also features a multitrack player, metronome and the ability to zoom into the tab. 

The Guitar Pro app works for guitar and bass fretboards. 


The Metronome by Soundbrenner  

It’s important to practice with a metronome, especially if you want to get better at rhythm. There are a lot of metronome apps out there but this app sticks out for its simplicity and expanded feature set. 

The Metronome by Soundbrenner not only lets you play along with easy-to-use tap tempo, but also a count in feature so you can get used to the beat before jumping in. There are pro features like customizable drum beats, clave, reverse clave, and more. Users can even adjust the beat accents, time signature, BPM and more. 

The app also gives users the ability to jam along with each other using the sync function which connects to Ableton Live. There are so many features, and they’re all absolute free. Check it out. 



Reverb is a marketplace for used gear. Users can sell their gear, buy new and used gear, as well as read useful tips and tricks on how to get the best tone, or find the best amp for your needs. 

It’s pretty straight forward and full of a ton of great deals if you’re willing to take time and look! 


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