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7 Must Have Accessories for your New Guitar

So you opened up a brand new guitar for the holidays and you’ve been rocking out, or trying to rock out, the last few days with your new baby. This is great but guitars generally last a lifetime, or can last that long if you take care of it. With that being said, there is so much to get out of a guitar that requires extra gear. Here are seven must-have accessories for your new guitar. 

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Peg winder

A guitar peg winder is only used for one purpose, and that’s to making changing strings really, really fast. Peg winders grab onto the tuning peg, and allows you to wind or unwind the string much faster than what you can do by hand. 

Peg winders also have a fun little notch at the tip of them to help pluck out those pesky tuning pins when changing strings on an acoustic guitar. Some winders even feature string cutters as well. Don’t waste anymore time, get a string winder! 


Guitar stand

Guitar stands are pretty self explanatory. Yes, you use them to display your lovely instrument but did you know there’s also a psychological effect to having a guitar stand? 

If you you store your guitar in a case, or the closet, or anywhere that is out of sight, this could make it more difficult to practice. Out of sight, out of mind right? If you put your guitar on a stand, somewhere in the home, it’s constantly visible and inviting you to pick it up. I know it’s a weird thing, but having your guitar there and ready to go, makes a big difference in motivating you to practice. 



Having a capo opens up a huge variety of playstyles and songs. A capo essentially acts as a bar that holds down a fret, essentially moving the nut from its original position to another. Capos are so common that they might as we be bundled with every guitar, that is until the guitar manufacturers figure out a way to have a capo built right into the instrument. 

There are a ton of different capos but they all do the same thing. Some of them come in different designs, like fun sharks, while others are made from surprising materials carved wood, rubber, or even 3D-printed! 


Guitar pedal

If you play an electric guitar, I bet that you’ll want a guitar effects pedal eventually. Pedals open up an entirely new universe of sounds. Guitar pedals can add distortion, modulation, echo, delay, wah and so much more. There are so many effects out there, it’s no wonder guitarists like The Edge from U2 or David Gilmour played around with so many stompboxes on their board. 



With smartphone apps, you might say that it’s unnecessary to have a dedicated guitar tuner. And that may be true sometimes, but the best tuners are the ones that clip onto your guitar’s headstock. 

While smartphone tuning apps use your phone’s mic to hear notes, a dedicated clip-on tuner  



A guitar case is essential, just like the capo. A guitar case not only protects your guitar from the elements, but it’s also the best way to travel with your instrument. Most guitar cases have built-in storage compartments so you can store a strap, extra picks, or a fresh set of strings. This one is a no-brainer. 


A comfortable guitar strap

Most beginner guitar bundles come with a guitar strap but they’re generally pretty thin and don’t offer much in terms of comfort. For me, I like having a thick, padded guitar strap. It’s going to be different for everyone, but when I’m playing, I want to be as comfortable as possible. I don’t want to think about my shoulder or back straining, all I want is to focus on is what I’m playing. 

Straps come in a million different sizes, with varying degrees of cushioning and design. It’s another way to not only make playing more comfortable, but you can really show off your personality with a guitar strap, if you choose to do so. 


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