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Best Gifts for Guitar Players 2023 - 11 Great Gifts for Guitar Players

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Best Gifts For Guitar Players 2023


It can be difficult to shop for the musician on your list.

The gear is usually so particular, detailed and nuanced.

If they don't have enough stuff already!

Guitar Tricks has got your back with this list of the 11 best guitar gifts for the guitarist on your holiday shopping list.

These gifts range from must have pedals to guitar gadgets and even guitar recommendations, so you'll be sure to find something they would be interested in, or at least fun and quirky.

With this list you'll avoid giving your guitarist another strap or more picks (though they could always use more picks).

There are some last minute gifts on this list too in case you're down to the wire!

Here are the 11 best gifts for guitar players.

Online Guitar Lessons with Guitar Tricks


Any guitarist can improve their skills, and a great gift for guitar players are some online lessons.

There are a ton of great guitar lessons out there but there’s a reason we’re number one.

There are hundreds of officially licensed songs to learn from and over 11,000 lesson videos.

There are classic artists like The Beatles, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, and more songs are added each week from contemporary artists like Rihanna and Ed Sheeran.

Even if you’re a beginner, Guitar Tricks teach you how to play with step-by-step lessons.

A gift certificate for a Guitar Tricks membership is a great gift for the guitarist or musician in your life.

Click here for details.

Revo Guitar Straps


Revo Straps are revolutionizing the guitar strap industry.

Revo Guitar Straps was founded in the 1990s by a woodworking family in Costa Rica. To this day, the same family makes the guitar straps. In fact, some of their strap designs are named after certain family members who work at the company!

You'll notice two constant themes in the Revo Guitar Strap story:

1) Stability - The same Family of woodworkers making our straps for 20+ years

2) Innovation - Designing for comfort, new styles, and resourcefulness

With standard guitar straps, there is one continuous band of material which makes it impossible to add any airflow to the design without mutilating your strap. Wood is cooler to the touch on hot and humid days and doesn’t absorb as much heat as leather.

Revo Straps are durable, lightweight, and built to last an entire lifetime. They use 200-lb test Teflon-treated braided cord in the construction of their straps. It is extremely strong and does not stretch. So your guitar strap will look brand new when you hand it down to your grandkid.

Several renowned artists discovered these straps and began wearing them; Zac Brown, Ziggy Marley and even Carlos Santana was featured wearing it in the music video of the mega hit song “Smooth.”

These guitar straps are unique, durable, and comfortable. Check them out!

Taylor Academy Series Acoustic Guitar


Taylor is responsible for some of the best acoustic guitars in the business.

Among the plethora of acoustic guitar brands, Taylor sits at the top and their Academy Series is a great choice for those looking to get a great value.

They’re the essentials every guitar player needs in an acoustic guitar.

Designed with beginners in mind but appealing to experienced players as well, the Academy A10 from Taylor boasts a solid spruce top and a comfortable, easy-playing neck that will inspire you to play more and improve your skills.

This Dreadnought, made with layered sapele back and sides, serves up a powerful voice with clear projection, perfect not just for learning but for jam sessions, practice and playing for an audience.

This all-acoustic, non-cutaway model includes a soft, lightweight gig bag for easy and safe transportation.

No, this isn't a stocking stuffer.

This guitar gift will be the main event!

Check out all of the options on this guitar.

Here are more ideas for gifts for the guitarist on your list!

Klos Guitars 


These are pretty interesting because Klos Guitars is a small company making a full sized travel guitar.

First of all, Klos Guitars are made with carbon fiber and the neck is detachable!

This provides an interesting combination of tone and portability.

Klos combines a full scale-length detachable neck and a small, portable body to give you a small guitar that plays unlike any small guitar you've ever held.

Check out their customizable options.


DIY Guitar Kits at StewMac


Do-it-yourself guitar kits are fairly inexpensive kits that allow you to build your very own instrument.

Some of the best guitar kits can be found on eBay or Amazon for less than $200.

They come in all sorts of different shapes like classic Les Paul or Flying V styles.

This guitar features a solid Sitka Spruce top for exceptional tone and a rich voice.

For a tone that gets even better with age, the back and sides are solid Khaya Mahogany.

This is the perfect gift for that guitar player who also has a handy side.

When you open the box, everything is there, ready for you to dive in: fully built body, shaped neck, slotted fingerboard with installed diamond inlays, precision carved bridge with pins, slotted nut, saddle, and pickguard.

We're also including FREE Golden Age Tuners in relic nickel with cream knobs. Not only do they look great, they keep you in tune song after song.

Check out the complete kit details here.




One of many pedalboard essentials, the Pedaltrain is another great gift for guitar players because it’s an easy way to put all of your pedals in one easy spot.

It even comes with a carrying case and additional accessories like velcro strips and cable ties to secure your stomp boxes.

The Classic 1 features Pedaltrain's original four-rail design and traditional rail spacing.

The elevation has been raised by approximately 1 inch to clear a wider variety of power supplied and switching systems.

It's basically the perfect gift for any guitarist.

Check out all Pedaltrain products here.


Music Nomad Guitar Cleaning Kit



It’s really important to know how to clean guitars, especially if you have an older instrument.

Often times, guitar learners tend to neglect guitar maintenance but making sure your strings are clean and your frets are polished could make all the difference.

This fret cleaning kit comes a solution to clean the frets, and the grips make it easy to clean the frets without getting the solution on the rest of the neck.

This kit comes with a bunch of tools to get your guitar looking and sounding like new.

This makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Check out all the details here.


A Guitar Tuner Pedal


Every budding guitarist will eventually want a guitar pedal.

And even more experienced players will always take more pedals!

Some of the essential guitar pedals are overdrive, distortion, and most important of all; a tuner.

If your guitar isn't in tune, you won't get very far in your playing!

Check out the many different kinds of guitar tuners on the market here.


Gator Guitar Case


Every guitarist needs a case to store their lovely instruments.

Cases are also super nice to have if you plan to travel with your guitar.

We recommend a case from Gator due to their super high quality construction and protection.

There are a ton of different cases from Gator that will fit your needs.

This gift will keep their other guitar gifts in pristine condition.

Check all the Gator Case options here!


BOSS Katana


These solid-state amplifiers from BOSS strike a great balance between value and tone.

You can choose between a 1x12 or a 2x12 speaker set, and each Katana comes with 55 built-in effects, 5 amp voices, and access to BOSS Tone Central software via the USB port.

The software gives you absolute control over your amp, allowing you to customize each effect, and setting.

There are some different configurations as well. Check them all out here!


Electric Bow


Sometimes referred to as an “E bow,” this device is used in place of a traditional pick.

It reacts to the pickups by creating a bow effect, and ultimately your guitar will sound like an electric violin or cello.

It’s a completely unique guitar gift idea for that guitarist on your list who has everything.

It's super fun to play with and has been used by Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Vai, Van Halen and more.

Check it out here.



What can you gift someone who loves guitar?
When considering gifts for guitar players, it's always a good idea to think about their specific needs and preferences, such as guitar accessories, tuners, or music books. A Guitar Tricks gift certificate makes for a great gift!

What every guitar player should have?
Every guitar player should have a reliable tuner, a quality capo, and a selection of picks, making any of these items great gifts for guitar players.

Is a guitar strap a good gift?
Yes, a guitar strap is a fantastic gift; it's not only functional, but it also allows the player to express their personal style, making it one of the ideal gifts for guitar players.

What accessories can you get with a guitar?
Along with a guitar, you can get accessories like strings, picks, a gig bag, a stand, and cleaning supplies. These are all excellent gifts for guitar players who want to maintain and enhance their instruments.

What 3 guitars should you own?
While preferences vary, many believe that a guitar enthusiast should own a classic acoustic, an electric, and a classical or 12-string guitar. These can be perfect gifts for guitar players looking to diversify their collection.

What do you get with a more expensive guitar?
With a more expensive guitar, you generally get better build quality, superior sound, premium materials, and often, more attention to detail in craftsmanship. These are the kinds of gifts for guitar players that can truly elevate their playing experience.

What is a good amount of money to spend on a guitar?
A good amount of money to spend on a guitar depends on the player's needs and budget. For beginners, spending between $150 to $300 can get a decent starter instrument. However, more experienced players or those seeking higher quality might consider guitars in the $500 to $2000 range, making them special gifts for guitar players with a discerning ear.

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