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T-Bone Shuffle (Made Easy)

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Caren will show a simplified version of this classic old blues tune. Originally recorded in A-flat, this tutorial will teach the song by bumping it up a 1/2 step today for ease of playing. Whether you're jamming with our GT backing tracks, or with your friends, this one will get your toe tapping. We'll learn the formulaic 12 bar blues chord pattern and a quick and swinging' version using a basic strumming pattern. If you've been studying the blues, you are likely familiar with the 12 bar song structure, if not, this is an opportunity to dig in to a genre that goes very deep while being based on variations on a simple harmonic theme. Learn this form and expand your blues repertoire while empowering your jamming capabilities.

This is a commonly seen 12 bar blues, we'll use 3 Dominant 7th chords for this song: A7, D7 and E7 (I IV V). The constant use of the dominant 7th is fundamental to the sound of blues. The chords repeat one verse after another, as this song uses a vocal "hook" rather than a chorus. So, learn one pattern and you're good to go for the entire song!

"T-Bone Shuffle" is in the key of A major, in 4/4 time, at a tempo of 134 BPM.

GT also has an authentic version of the song when you’re ready for the challenge!

T-Bone Shuffle

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T-Bone Shuffle (Made Easy)