Stevie Ray Vaughan Artist Study: Gear & Tone


Vaughan used different guitars throughout his career, but he is most commonly associated with Fender Stratocasters, to the point of having an artist model made after him!

Amp & Effects:

Vaughan played through a variety of Fender & Marshall amps. He also used rare models like Dumbles and usually had a Tube Screamer or two in his signal chain. Occasionally he used a wah pedal or Univibe for extra color. Vaughan’s basic tone is modeled on a Stratocaster into a Tube Screamer which went directly into an old cranked Fender or Marshall tube amp.

These are very basic gear tools. The important thing to notice is that he always sounds like himself no matter what guitar, amp or pedals he used! And that’s a great lesson for all guitarists.

Dave Celentano
Instructor Dave Celentano

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