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In this part of the song, the chord changes are really driven by the vocal. The song almost breaks down a bit here because the singing almost becomes like talking, and the chord progression will change as well.

The length of the chord changes is what's really different in this verse - notice how we go to IV chord instead of the V chord immediately after the vocals come in.

If you pay attention closely to what's going on in the part you'll also notice some happy mistakes, but they're covered up so nicely they actually add a bit of flavor to the song.

This is the last verse of the song and we're going to extend it a bit into the outro. What we're doing here is simply staying on Bb then we go for our usual I-V-I turnaround. Then we lead to the end of the song with a little walk-down and the punctuate the song with a short hit on the Bb chord.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
San Quentin