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After our second chorus, we will be playing the first part of our guitar solo. We start things off by switching to our lead guitar tone, and playing a melody that emulates the vocals. Guitar #2 is also playing the same role, but will switch up the chords to match the solo being played. Here are some key points to help you through it:

1. The guitar solo starts off with a melody that emulates the vocals for the first six measures, repeating the same melody with a slight variation at the end. Over the E minor, the melody moves up to a higher position G major pentatonic lick and ends with a whole step slide lick. We start in on the solo on beats 3 and 4 of the previous chorus to get started.

2. Guitar #2 plays the same rhythm as we heard during the choruses but mixes up the chords accordingly. The G major chord shape is the same, but to play the C and D you will keep the same shape but will play start from the root note of each chord. The D chord will also have an open G string ringing, adding an additional 4th to the chord.

3. The E minor chord is played as a series of dotted quarter notes to add to the jagged feel of the rhythm section, ending on beats 3 and 4 of the last measure.

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