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On Call

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We have three choruses in "On Call," and all three feature the same two guitar parts playing together. The difference in each is long they are, and how each chorus ends. Here are some key points to help you play through them:

1. There are no guitars in the first verse. However, guitar #1 enters at the end of the second verse on beat 1 of the final measure, and it will come back in on the "and" of 3 playing an eighth note rhythm leading into the chorus.

2. The chords are the same for the choruses, moving from B minor to G to E using a variety of eighth and sixteenth note rhythms.

3. The first chorus is 4 bars long, the second is eight measures, and the last outro chorus is twelve measures long; hitting two sixteenth notes on the downbeat of measure 12 on G.

4. All choruses features the same guitar parts, with guitar #2 adding some slight variety each time mixing up the strumming patterns. Guitar #2 plays eighth notes the entire time, but emphasis is put on different beats to add a nice rhythmic layer.

5. Guitar #2 plays a G major chord up an octave with emphasis on the high D note on the B string (15th fret). This chord is played over all three chords played by guitar #1.

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On Call