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Runaway Train

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Next up we are going to play the chorus in "Runaway Train", which is played four times total. In this section both acoustics are strumming our open chords and our electric is playing nice and loud as well. Here are some key points to help you play through the choruses.

1. The chords are played for two bars each, playing the following progression: || C | C | Emi | Emi | Ami | Ami | G | G ||. Both acoustics simply strum these chords for each chorus.

2. Each chorus ends slightly differently. The first chorus ends with an extra bar of G, followed by a hit on beat 1 of the following measure leaving room for a bass lick that takes us into the second verse. The second and third chorus end the same way, simply playing through two bars of G into the next section.

3. At the end of the third chorus, the same progression is simply repeated again leading into the outro.

3. The electric guitar strums open chords over each change, letting the chords ring out with our distorted, reverbed tone.

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Runaway Train