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Instead of playing only in one key, we are going to modulate!

By using a secondary dominant (or applied dominant) we refer temporarily to another key. The key of B-flat normally has a D minor chord as the iii chord. By using a D7, we get a neat sound, and can voice lead to the G minor chord more effectively. Also, by using a D7flat9, we can add a very bluesy, jazzy melancholy, or bittersweet sound to the arrangement. so, the D7 is the V7 of G minor. Once we get to the G minor chord we consider it the vi chord of the home
key B-flat major.

This is another important characteristic of R&B guitar style.

Next we'll add the F major (V) and E-flat (IV) major chords. We'll play them with ornamentations that mimic the way we played the B-flat chord.

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Soulful R&B Series 1