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Now we are ready for the second half of the chord progression. In this section we'll build dramatic tension as a means of returning to the beginning, the B-flat chord as the I chord of the progression.

We'll start with the C minor (ii) chord and the D minor chord (iii) both played in a very bluesy way. Next, is an E-flat major (IV). This is followed by a series of diminished chords. These diminished chords really build the dramatic tension and lead back to the B-flat major chord (I). Then, we go to a G7b13 chord (V of ii), another modulation! This chord leads to the C minor again (ii), which leads to the F chord (V).

Then, we go back to B-flat again (I), walk up to E-flat minor (iv) for another bluesy, melancholy sound. Finally we head back to B-flat (I), then end on an F augmented (V) before starting the whole progression again!

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Soulful R&B Series 1