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Hybrid Picking Progression In A

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This is the progression in the key of A, and the perfect way to practice these hybrid picking hammer ons.

I started by playing 4 measures of the A riff, then to the D riff for 2 measures. Back to the A riff for 2 measures, and then to the E riff for 2 measures. Then back to the D riff for 2 measures, and then 2 more measures of the A riff. I Finished up the progression by picking the open 5th string with the pick, and pulling up on the 3rd, and 4th string with my fingers.

I played through the progression once without palm muting, but I also played it using palm muting. I mentioned trying it both ways, since you can use it both ways, depending on the sound you want.

This should help you get a little more used to hybrid picking, and you also have 3 new riffs to impress your buddies with. If you're still having problems getting used to this, it's just going to take some more practice. You can always go back to the Basic Hybrid Picking Exercises and I'll be glad to help you any way I can.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Hybrid Picking Progression In A