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Hybrid Picking Progression In A

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I turned this basic hybrid picking exercise into a cool riff, it's actually the same picking pattern as The A Chord, Alternating Bass

All I did was add a hammer on after playing the open 6th string with the pick.

No palm muting here, but I do encourage you to try it, after you get used to playing the riff.

For the tone, I had the lows on the amp set at about 8. The mids at about 5.5, and the highs around 5. Reverb was at 3.5 or 4, and I'm also using a compressor.

I played this really fast to show what you can do when you build up the speed, but I slowed the exercise down too. It's very important to remember to start slow, and the speed will come as you get used to it.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Hybrid Picking Progression In A