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You're actually outlining an inversion of C here, by playing the fifth (G) as the lowest note and also get the third (E) in there as well. These are the only two notes you'll play in the first chord.

Then you move up to Bb on the 6th fret of the low E string and your ring finger will play the fifth of the chord on the 8th fret of the A string. Then you simply move this shape up to the 9th fret of the low E string and you end up with a C power chord.

You'll do this whole movement once again. This will create a really cool sound because of what the bass is doing underneath. Some nice tension in the riff really adds to the vibe of the song.

Then you'll change up the dynamic of the song by doing these same chords, only up higher with different inversions. You'll play the upper 3 strings in the basic C 5th string barre chord, then a 1st inversion of a Bb triad, followed by a 1st inversion C triad (the III is the first note, followed by the V, then the I).

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Instructor Henrik Linde
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place