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With the bands that came over from England in the 60's, also came a specific guitar tone. Because of the growing size of the shows the amplifier manufacturers started building bigger and louder amps to be able to fill the bigger venues.

Amplifiers from Vox and Fender were among the common ones and a really spanky, loud clean tone which is what were going for. You don't need a whole lot of bass, you want the guitar to really cut through. Nice and present, and the grit that you'll hear on these records is pure volume overdrive.

Keep it fairly clean and lean towards the treble side of the sound, and you can also add a touch of reverb to add just a little bit of space in the guitar.

I'm playing my Telecaster with the pickup selector in the middle position to get the right twang.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place