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Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground

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This is the first 8 bar phrase of the song. Just to recap, a "bar" is a measure and a measure is 4 counts in this song. The first four measures are "rubato" which means they are played slowly and not to a steady beat. In order to keep up with the chords and understand the rhythms I'm demonstrating, keep a copy of the original recording handy and listen to how he plays with the words he's singing. That's how rubato is defined within this song.

Also, memorize this song in its 8 bar phrases. You'll find the song makes more sense as a whole and it's easier to remember when you do it this way.

There are a few fills within this phrase, but they aren't as important as the song form. If they give you trouble, put them off until later. You get the form, you get the song.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground