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Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground

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Here is the next 8 bar phrase. This phrase incorporates the same chords used in all the other phrases with slight differences. The power chord walk down from the D to B chords is a Nelson signature. This will pop up in many Willie tunes you learn.

Also, note that I strum the chord on the downbeats (the 1 count) of most measures. There isn't a particular stumming pattern or arpeggiation pattern, although I've tried to get as close to the recording as possible. Note my sparse arpeggiation. This is also a Nelson cliche. Again, learning the form is the most important part of this song. If you've learned the form, adding sparse arpeggiation of any notes will work in this tune, especially if you are also singing while you play.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Angel Flying Too Close To the Ground