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George Lynch Style Artist Study

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Another cool technique in the style of George Lynch is pick tapping. This is exactly how it sounds- instead of using your finger to tap a note, you use the edge of the pick. Then, you use hammer-ons and pull-offs per usual.

We'll look at some examples of how to do this. The key is to start slow, and get the edge of the pick to get your clear tapping sound. Then build it up, working in your hammer-ons and pull-offs, so you get a fast, ringing tap frenzy!

You may ask, "but why use the pick, and not your finger?". We could give you a Spinal Tap inspired answer ("because it's... um... using your PICK!"), but there is a reason. Of course, utilizing finger tapping is always an option, but you get a more percussive attack with the edge of the pick, and it tends to bring out more high harmonics. This gives you tapping options between the warmer sound of your finger and the more percussive sound of the pick.

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George Lynch Style Artist Study