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George Lynch Style Artist Study

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One of the most exciting techniques in the style of George Lynch is the slide vibrato.

This can be tricky at first. The way to start getting this under your fingers is to move up one fret and back, slowly. Build your speed so you get the vibrato effect. Use a light touch so you don't get too much "fret" sound, or your finger gets sore.

Then you want to experiment with quickly sliding between broader intervals, both up and down the neck. Eventually you will be able to do this very fast, and get a genuine "vibrato" sound.

Of course, you can use the whammy bar and/or traditional vibrato technique in conjunction with this to have a trio of vibrato techniques in your rock arsenal. Notice how you can use one immediately after the other; for instance using the whammy bar for one type of vibrato then immediately going to a slide vibrato.

You can vary the duration of the slide, and place at different places in your phrase. Mix it up and explore!

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George Lynch Style Artist Study