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Blues Orchestration Series 3

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In this tutorial we'll learn new variations on playing a blues type arrangement for solo guitar. To orchestrate means to put many parts together. In this tutorial we'll combine a walking bass line with upper chord tones. The end result is two parts playing together at the same time. We'll also add a variety of classic blues walking bass lines.

Notice in the score we have two distinct, separate parts: a bass line & a repeated diad (two note "chord") on the E & B strings. Start by simply playing the bass line. Once you get a handle on it then slowly add the higher string "up-beat hits" in between the notes of the bass line. In this way we are "orchestrating"! We are playing more than one part at a time and creating a rich and full sound.

You can play with a pick or your fingers of your picking hand. If you choose a pick, play the bass note as a down stroke, then cross over the strings, then play the higher string notes as an upstroke, then cross over the strings in order to get back in position to play the next bass note as a down stroke. Repeat! If you choose to play with your fingers use your thumb for the bass notes & pluck the higher string notes with your index & middle fingers.

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Blues Orchestration Series 3