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B-Bender Guitar

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A B bender is a device that raises the pitch of the 2nd (B) string a whole step, from the B note up to a C#. The only other way to bend this note on the 2nd string, is to bend the string up a whole step behind the nut.

You can bend the same note manually on the 3rd (G) string in the 4th fret, and on the 4th (D) string in the 9th fret.

These guitars have been used in recordings by The Byrds, Led Zepplin, The Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers, and many others in the rock genre. They have also became quite popular in country music, and are being used even more in today's country. These days some country players have benders on the 3rd, and even the 4th string. Marty Stuart still plays Clarence White's old tele, that is said to have the original B bender in it. Albert Lee played some really nice bender licks with Emmylou Harris and the hot band. Ricky Skaggs, Brent Mason, Jimmy Oleander, Forrest Lee Jr., and Brad Paisley also have benders on some of their guitars.

The Fender B bender telecaster has a modified version of the Parsons/White bender on it, but there are many other designs too. Forrest Lee Jr. actually has his own design, and will put it in a custom made tele for you. I'm proud to have the prototype for his custom line of guitars, and I even made him sign it. Most of the time a bender will be on a telecaster, but I have seen a hipshot bender on a Stratocaster, and a Gibson SG.

In this lesson I used the bender to complete an A chord, by bending up to the C# note instead of playing the fretted note on the 2nd string.

I used only downstrokes on the pick, and no palm muting here. After you bend the string, just let it ring.

If you have a B bender on your guitar, you've probably already been experimenting with it. I have a tutorial on String Bending that you may find useful, it covers 16 positions for whole step bends on the 2nd string. These same positions can be used with a bender, just let the bender do the work instead of your fingers. No matter how you do it, string bending can add a lot to your playing.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
B-Bender Guitar