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Nailing Basic Country Strumming Patterns

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In this lesson, we'll stick with the same concept of the bass/strum technique, but alter it to accommodate 3/4 time, otherwise known as Waltz Time.

Remember, to play a basic strum technique in 3/4 time, strike the bass note once, then follow that with 2 strums of the remaining strings. These three steps add up to one measure of music in 3/4 time.

Once again, we'll use the same chord progression in the key of A, but this time we'll be playing in 3/4 time.

Play this along with me and the band:

E / E / A / A /
E / E / B7 / B7 /
E / E / A / A /
E / B7 / E / E /

By now you should be comfortable with playing three different very common country rhythms, using a basic strumming technique. You should also be comfortable with playing these rhythms in 2 keys: the key of A and the key of E.

Practice this technique in other keys as well.

Next we will move on to more advanced strumming concepts and techniques.

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Nailing Basic Country Strumming Patterns