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Nailing Basic Country Strumming Patterns

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In this set of lessons, we'll learn the basics of strumming the guitar, country music style. While these lessons are demonstrated on acoustic guitar, the same techniques may be used on electric guitar.

Basic guitar strumming skills are central to playing country music. From the early roots of country music, to today's contemporary country stars and styles, you'll find strummed guitar as the core of virtually every country style song.

While this is an introductory course, it assumes a basic level of familiarity and comfort on your part as to playing basic guitar chords, and using a pick.

This first strumming pattern is the most basic, but the skills you gain here will serve as a foundation for more advanced patterns coming soon in subsequent lessons.

This basic strumming pattern consists of striking the bass note (lowest note) of the chord with your pick, and then in the next beat, strumming down over the remaining strings. Do this pattern twice per measure of music in 4/4 time.

In this chapter, we'll focus on playing basic strumming in two common keys: the key of A, and the key of E.

This means you'll need to be able to play this strumming technique on the following chords: A, D, E, and B7.

Practice singling out the bass note and a strum clearly on each of these chords, and in the next lesson we'll put this to work with a chord progression in the key of A.

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Nailing Basic Country Strumming Patterns