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Major Scale Intervals

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As just an added bonus to our already strong Lead Guitar Elements section, we are going to conclude this tutorial by looking at the use of intervals in the major and minor scales. We have taken an in depth look at many different ways to explore each of these scales. An important factor to realize is that within each scale resides a series of intervals that can be played together within a rock guitar solo. Each interval has a completely different sound and while some may sound harmonic and pleasing, others may resonate at odd frequencies and sound dissonant. Our focus in this chapter are the more melodic intervals in the major scale; those being thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths. Our goal today is to give an introduction to the sound of these intervals and give you some unique examples in the styles of artists you know to get you started with this concept. We are going to demonstrate how to play the intervals in each example using scale patterns we learned in previous chapters.

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