Trying to get the app (and the site) to "work"

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Apologies for posting this here, but with support basically having given up on me (they want me to call them while I am in my bed sleeping, in the middle of the night - when I do, all I get is their answering machine as they are busy talking to other paying customers), I feel like I have two options: Forget about the money I invested or try to get some help on the forum. I feel bad about loading off my negativity here - but have to admit that I feel more than a little grudge against this site's "makers" after having been fooled by their sister site 30daysinger (a horrible experience) ...

So: Some of my technical issues with the app "magically" disappeared (I assume an update, but nevermind) and for that I am grateful.

What remains is: I cannot make the video snippets play continuously. I listen to the lessons while walking or driving and I cannot navigate to a next video every couple of seconds. Also, the videos stop playing immediately when I swap apps (they should continue to play in the background) or when the "screen saver" (touch protection) kicks in or when the display turns off.

This goes for the website as well as the app. No continuous play, no easy skipping - I'd also welcome a quadruple playback speed to concentrate on the important bits instead of lots of repetitions (I would love to suggest separating the videos into instructions and play-alongs or "rinse-repeat-material").

Is there ANY TRICK how to make the videos play continuously AND make the "system" (website and app) remember where I left off, so that I can reliably resume? Is there ANY way to NOT make the playback stop upon screen-off/screen-saver activity? Do I have to rip-download the videos and join them offline in order to listen to them "the normal way"?

Right now this site has frustrated me to a point where I have completely given up picking up my guitar. Even thinking about playing gives me a shudder. This is the exact opposite of why I joined: I was looking for motivation and fun.

Sorry again.

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I can't offer you anything technical, I don't use an app. I log in through Chrome. But on continual play, my guess would be they never thought of it, because at least in my case, I am only watching a lesson when I have my guitar in hand and am able to practice.

If you can get past your frustration, it is a good site with a ton of information. The format may not be what everyone is looking for however.

Try to hang in there.

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Hey, marcjal/

Tried 30daysinger thing as well, I've go fully refunded so I cannot complain about anything.[br][br][br]

As for the (pc version as I do not use app), yes... it has errors, lower quality videos when notation doesn't match video instructions, problems with playback, etc.[br][br]I've been here 5+ years and I am happy with the service except for some hiikups.[br][br][br]It works, I can play +-40 rather simple (some of them really cool) songs. A guy who had never had any musical experience, no musicians in family as well.[br][br]What you are trying to do is rather unorthodox and unusuall so you are angry at things that nobody really thought about/[br][br]The site really works but you have to put some work into it as well. Pick up the guitar and play along.[br][br]The lessons are designed to be watched and have a go with your guitar. Can't really imagine watching the video and later (in few hours) try and learn it.[br][br]I learn a new lesson almost every day but repeat most (and complete songs) almost daily. I have a really big problems with focusing so it takes lots of effort to actually learn something on my end.[br][br]Try using the site as you would be learning the guitar with a teacher. Your video = your teacher.[br][br]You wouldn't be walking or driving while learning the guitar with a real teacher.[br][br]

This is not a language course that you can enjou while walking or driving.[br][br][br]You put on your guitar/take it launch a video and learn with it. That's it.[br][br][br]You're barking at the wrong tree here as the videos are really helpful and they work.[br][br]Your unique method is the problem here// The system has not been designed this way but again... Doing it your way must be reallly counterproductive so I rather strongly suggest trying a different approach, mate.[br][br]I can lean how to play, anyone can/

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thanks for the responses. I remember even one of the instructors actually suggesting to first listen to the tutorial, then go along ?

But either way, with a real world instructor I would have left the introductory sessions after the second chapter latest, too much repetition (in narration). Other "hands on" videos I consider much better (from a didactic point of view), but that's subjective, obviously.

I can remember most of the content of a few seconds video easily, soaking in a couple of them in one go and then do what the instructors did sounds like the natural thing to me - and it is what I do with all video tutorials no matter the topic ? (and I have paid many thousands of dollars for such, happily)

Well, I guess I 'll forget about the investment, take in a few "more advanced" lessons for motivation and learn a thing about music tutorial site.

edit: the comments editor introduces? every now and then - sorry for that, I didn't type them.

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