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Apologies for posting this here, but with support basically having given up on me (they want me to call them while I am in my bed sleeping, in the middle of the night - when I do, all I get is their answering machine as they are busy talking to other paying customers), I feel like I have two options: Forget about the money I invested or try to get some help on the forum. I feel bad about loading off my negativity here - but have to admit that I feel more than a little grudge against this site's "makers" after having been fooled by their sister site 30daysinger (a horrible experience) ...

So: Some of my technical issues with the app "magically" disappeared (I assume an update, but nevermind) and for that I am grateful.

What remains is: I cannot make the video snippets play continuously. I listen to the lessons while walking or driving and I cannot navigate to a next video every couple of seconds. Also, the videos stop playing immediately when I swap apps (they should continue to play in the background) or when the "screen saver" (touch protection) kicks in or when the display turns off.

This goes for the website as well as the app. No continuous play, no easy skipping - I'd also welcome a quadruple playback speed to concentrate on the important bits instead of lots of repetitions (I would love to suggest separating the videos into instructions and play-alongs or "rinse-repeat-material").

Is there ANY TRICK how to make the videos play continuously AND make the "system" (website and app) remember where I left off, so that I can reliably resume? Is there ANY way to NOT make the playback stop upon screen-off/screen-saver activity? Do I have to rip-download the videos and join them offline in order to listen to them "the normal way"?

Right now this site has frustrated me to a point where I have completely given up picking up my guitar. Even thinking about playing gives me a shudder. This is the exact opposite of why I joined: I was looking for motivation and fun.

Sorry again.