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Hey, marcjal/

Tried 30daysinger thing as well, I've go fully refunded so I cannot complain about anything.[br][br][br]

As for the (pc version as I do not use app), yes... it has errors, lower quality videos when notation doesn't match video instructions, problems with playback, etc.[br][br]I've been here 5+ years and I am happy with the service except for some hiikups.[br][br][br]It works, I can play +-40 rather simple (some of them really cool) songs. A guy who had never had any musical experience, no musicians in family as well.[br][br]What you are trying to do is rather unorthodox and unusuall so you are angry at things that nobody really thought about/[br][br]The site really works but you have to put some work into it as well. Pick up the guitar and play along.[br][br]The lessons are designed to be watched and have a go with your guitar. Can't really imagine watching the video and later (in few hours) try and learn it.[br][br]I learn a new lesson almost every day but repeat most (and complete songs) almost daily. I have a really big problems with focusing so it takes lots of effort to actually learn something on my end.[br][br]Try using the site as you would be learning the guitar with a teacher. Your video = your teacher.[br][br]You wouldn't be walking or driving while learning the guitar with a real teacher.[br][br]

This is not a language course that you can enjou while walking or driving.[br][br][br]You put on your guitar/take it launch a video and learn with it. That's it.[br][br][br]You're barking at the wrong tree here as the videos are really helpful and they work.[br][br]Your unique method is the problem here// The system has not been designed this way but again... Doing it your way must be reallly counterproductive so I rather strongly suggest trying a different approach, mate.[br][br]I can lean how to play, anyone can/