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thanks for the responses. I remember even one of the instructors actually suggesting to first listen to the tutorial, then go along ?

But either way, with a real world instructor I would have left the introductory sessions after the second chapter latest, too much repetition (in narration). Other "hands on" videos I consider much better (from a didactic point of view), but that's subjective, obviously.

I can remember most of the content of a few seconds video easily, soaking in a couple of them in one go and then do what the instructors did sounds like the natural thing to me - and it is what I do with all video tutorials no matter the topic ? (and I have paid many thousands of dollars for such, happily)

Well, I guess I 'll forget about the investment, take in a few "more advanced" lessons for motivation and learn a thing about music tutorial site.

edit: the comments editor introduces? every now and then - sorry for that, I didn't type them.