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jake sommers
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I'm talking about dem guitars that you always wanted but never can afford, aquire , or whatever. The type of guitar that makes your eyes bug out in a jim carrey in the mask type fashion. I would like a gibson corvette, although i've never played one, because guitar center(they usually have that guitar up so high so nobody can grab it) won't let an average schmoe like me play one but , it looks so darn cool, i must have one, maybe one of these days.
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I think probably any of the PRS range, like the custom 24, or the Private stock, or the one with the dragon on it on ebay at the moment. The guitar I am saving up for is a fender american deluxe strat, cause I love them. A;so, probably a Givson es175 is pretty cool, and also there have been numerous electro acoustics which I drool over, but are outside my price range.
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PRS Custom 24, with a custom silverburst finish.

It will be mine, oh yes it will be!!!!!! (someday when I'm rich, hehe)
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i'd like to buy a gibson sg one day , but i will be able to buy it within a year so it's not really a dream.,
anyway fender now producing the richie blakmore stratocaster, and i'd really like to have one but it cost about 1500$

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ren hoek
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Especially that new Gary Moore Signature one!
Check it out on the Gibson website.
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This really depends on when you catch me... however some dreams are:

  • Carl Thompson four string with a Khaler bass whammy bar and EMG-35DC's and a EMG-BQC package. "One of a kind made one at a time."

  • Before I can ever do that I'll probably get a Peavey Cyrus 4 and put EMG's and a Whammy bar on that

  • EMG-40DC's and a EMG BQC package in my five string...

  • A fretless bass... I'm not sure if I want to build one, rip the frets off of a Jazz Bass, or just buy a factrory fretless

  • STAND UP! Yeah, I want one of those big ol' violin looking basses. I'm going to play it with a bow too.

  • I'de like a couple of 12 string guitars... an electric and an acoustic.

  • Now that I think about it, Dean and Hammer are making 12 string basses, I aught to check one of them out atlest.

  • Fender Bass VI-ish thing, to be played in open D or open C# with a slide... Mark Sandman x 3!

as you can see, I'll never have a lot of spare money, but I'll have one hell of an army of basses and guitars. But should it be any other way?
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I've got my dream guitar, PRS custom 22. Yahoo!~


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*Hard to say.....I'm thinkin' some kinda custom unit.....I once cut an Ibanez Les Paul down (Bondo to fill front pickup and other holes/seams and Canary Yellow paint for final finish) so that the top half was a flyin' V (For ease of strum and access) and left the bottom alone (So that it made the perfect lap guitar (Also, by cutting down and using bondo in certain places, I was able to perfectly balance the axe....Nice for the stage:).....It only had one bridge H/bucker and one volume knob....I shoulda patented that guitar....I showed it to a guy at the music store and he went nutz :D.......(Back to the subject of "Dream guitars")...I'd probably like a guitar shaped like a strat, has the sound (tone and sustain) of a Les Paul and is priced like a Cheapo Squire :D.....My next Axe will probably be custom built from various woods, necks, hardware.......Gonna be one of a kind :)...Also, here's a pic of a cheapo "Star" that I modified into a ROCK MONSTA !!! It has a custom Kayler and custom neck with a Super distortion 2 p/u......The paint job is actually black on white, but has a blue flip/flop in the many coats of clear....AWESOME on stage when the lights hit it....:D...This is a photo of the V, 15 years ago, when I lived in CA.......

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jake sommers
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I'm also very partial to the Sambora Strats with the star inlays and fender noiseless pu's. I don't think fender makes em for usa anymore, that would be up there on the wish list.
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At this point, I'm very content with my collection of Fender Strats, because its the most versatile instrument Ive ever layed my eyes on. I love to just sit back and play for hours, and rely on my impluses when it comes to techniqwue and sounds. However, I'm definitely very much interested in PRS guitars, but like you guys already know they cost an arm and leg. But if you're lucky enough to be able to afford one, you can't deny that its one of the most comfortable instruments you've ever held in your grasp. The custom 22 has such a nice mellow acoustic sound when played clean, and then watch out for that loud crunch when you crank up the volume, it definitely comes alive. I don't think that the search for the perfect instrument ever really ends, and this feeling of disatisfaction can really be used to your advantage.

-Joseph, :).
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In my mind it doesn't get better than a classic les paul with a heeritage cherry sunburst finish a 60's style slim taper fast action neck with aged trapezoid inlays and hot opencoil ceramic magnet humbuckers.........makes me drool just thinking about it
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I could happily cross the styx if I had owned a PRS Santana and a Mesa Boogie rig.
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Without a shadow of a doubt, the Ibanez S7420 is godlike in every proportion. Downtune it to A, and nobody, i repeat nobody will be able to deny the immense kick-ass-ness of this guitar.

And if you put it through an Ibanez smash box ... words elude me ...

If anyone cares to disagree, feel free, coz your wrong.

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Originally posted by Wedge
Without a shadow of a doubt, the Ibanez S7420 is godlike in every proportion. Downtune it to A, and nobody, i repeat nobody will be able to deny the immense kick-ass-ness of this guitar.

*Isn't that what that dude from "Dream Theater" uses on "Pull me under"? ....AWESOME SOUND !!!!
*Turn the bastard up and see what happenz.... :D
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Currently a Custom USA Jackson KV-2 with a non-floating FLoyd, interference flames finish, neck binding, jumbo frets, a Duncan Invader in the bridge, a '59 in the neck, and a stock set up for 10s.

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