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Super Easy Finger Tapping

Super Easy Finger Tapping

Mike Olekshy is back again with a primer on finger tapping. In this lesson, he'll show you where to start to make sure you build yourself a solid tapping foundation. It all starts with putting the pick down and getting the technique feeling comfortable under you fingers. 

First off, you'll want to experiment with which finger(s) you want to be your dominant tapping fingers. Most players tap with a combination of their index and middle fingers. From there, you can start to learn how to tap on to a note on the fretboard by ringing out a note, then tapping with your dominant finger with enough force that the next note rings out at the same level. 

The next component of tapping comes into play with the pull off as you release the note by either pulling your finger off in an upward or downward motion (whichever feels most natural). You'll start to hear the true finger tapping sound come together as you combine the actions of tapping onto and pulling off of the string in a fluid motion. 

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