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At Guitartricks we have over 1,000 song lessons in our song library, plus countless tutorials within our Core Learning System covering the fundamentals and genre-specific skills focused on blues, rock, country and acoustic style playing. This is all part of our award-winning Full Access membership. But if you're a little unsure of the membership, you can always give some of these free guitar lessons a try. Guitartricks has a number of free resources for any prospective guitar player. 

Sweet Home Alabama (Made Easy)  

In this lesson, Anders will show you a “Made Easy” version of how to play “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is a great southern rock classic and this version in particular is great for any beginner guitar player just getting started with learning strum patterns and open chords. Even though this version of the song only uses three chords, you will still end up with the classic song, plus you will get a chance to learn the iconic opening riff. Learn how to play Sweet Home Alabama (Made Easy) here.


How to Play Rockabilly

Learn how to play rockabilly with Jinx Jones, a master of the genre. Rockabilly emerged in the 1950’s and was a mix of rhythm and blues, plus country music. This style of play features twangy, reverb-heavy guitars with quick picking and licks. In the tutorial, Jones will go over how to get the rockabilly tone, as well as show you how to play a swing groove. You’ll also learn a couple of licks and riffs before putting it all together in a playalong. This is one of the most unique guitar tutorials in the library and you should definitely check it out! 


Guitartricks Channel 

Guitartricks has a number of free guitar lessons and resources, but perhaps the best place to go if you want more free lessons is the channel page. The Guitartricks Channel is where we host all of our free lessons like the one below. 

In this lesson, Gary will show you the very first scale you should learn on guitar. The scale in question is the open E minor / G major pentatonic scale. The scale only requires two fingers and you can play it in the open position, which is the position closest to the head of the guitar. Check it out! 


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